Switch Hate, and Why this is an ISSUE.

Ok, now before you go ahead and say "You're just a fanboy" I promise you that I am in no way saying that I think Nintendo is perfect. Nintendo has done some really stupid stuff that I could go on and on about. But what I've been recommended, what I've been seeing, and what is making me sick to my stomach it's the OVERWHELMING amount of "Why The Switch Will Fail!" videos tossed everywhere.

Don't tell me you haven't seen them. You have. After the Press Realise, content creators (which I don't have anything against, they have an opinion, and that's ok) seem to be making more and more videos on how the Switch is going to fail for a multiple of reasons.

These videos are correct. We need to be really careful about how the Switch is carried out, and I'm not saying that the Switch has flaws because trust me, it has. My Problem with the videos isn't the actual videos themselves. It's the RIDICULOUS amount of QUANTITY of these videos and the overall CLICKBAITY-ness of the videos overall.

The problem here is that we all want the Switch to succeed, correct? Sorry if I come off biased here, but the problem with the Quantity of the videos, trashing on the Switch with the sheer Clickbait of the titles overall make the Switch in people's eyes less attractive to an average consumer, making it look terrible in the long run.

THE BIG POINT HERE IS >> I don't have a problem with the people criticizing the Switch. But I wish that these videos could at LEAST have more positive aspects to them, less clickbaity titles, and was less in Quantity. It really annoys me. But probably the most damaging thing about these videos is that it really hurts the Switch in the long run, with people who are impressionable about the Switch take something said in a video and can take it to an extreme. Please, keep this in mind next time you click on a video just like the one I describe.

I'm not going to post links to certain videos since that would be honestly an attack on the creators, and I don't want that.

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