Switch only needs 1 TFLOP

There has been a lot of talk about how much power the Switch needs to compete with PS and XB and I wanted to share my two cents. I think it only needs 1 TFLOP max. When undocked that will scale down via configurable TDP to handle only 720p on mobile mode. Here is why it only needs 1 TFLOP:

  1. Direct TFLOP comparisons with PS/XB are not prudent because Switch will use more efficient Pascal architecture. The 1060 only has ~4 TFLOP and edges the RX480 with its ~6 TFLOP so Pascal is roughly 50% more efficient. This means 1 TFLOP Pascal would split the difference between XB1 and PS4 (1.3 and 1.8 TF). (Not to mention PS4 and XB1 use older gcn arch compared to polaris). So switch could even be less than 1 TF and still match XB1.

  2. Scorpio and PS4 Pro are irrelevant when it comes to switch courting 3rd parties. I get so bugged when I hear comments like "nintendo is going to get left in the dust again unless it can compete with neo/Scorpio". Sony has made clear that all PS4 games, past and present, will still work on the original PS4, meaning the Switch only needs to be in the ballpark of 1st gen PS4/XB1 for 3rd parties to be able to port games to it.

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