Switch Preview Event: Washington, D.C.

I plan on attending the DC event on Sunday, Feb 12.

*I may be attending alone, so I wanted to see who else was going?
*If you're going, what order will you try out the games?
*For those of you who attended the NYC or Toronto event, can you provide any advice or tips, such as what time to show up or which games have the longest lines?

I plan to get there by 7AM. I plan to go to Zelda first, then MK8, Arms and then Snipperclips. From there, I'm not sure. I've never played Splatoon, but would like to try it. 1-2-Switch looks so-so, but I would like to get some swag. I will probably also check out Sonic, Street Fighter 2, Bomberman and Just Dance (for swag?).

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