Switch reminds me to the early days of the 3DS

  • Same launch month (NA, EU & AU, not in JP): March.
  • Underrated cool feature(s): (3DS) 3D / (Switch) All the extras that the Joy Cons provide (HD Rumble, local multiplayer, etc).
  • Big drawback: (3DS) No second stick / (Switch) No d-pad on the left Joy Con & Online fee
  • Weak line up: Back in the early 3DS days everybody was disapointed because Zelda OOT (Remake) missed launch / Same situation with Switch but with different games: many of us thought that Mario Kart 8 or Splatoon 2 were going to be launch titles. Instead, Nintendo is trying to reduce the big gaps between every triple A (smart move in my opinion). This approach of a more steady stream of games reminds me the 3DS as well (after its rough start)
  • Critics to the launch price: 250$ – 250€ (3DS) / 299,99$ – 329,99€ (299,99€ in France) (Switch)

The thing that the 3DS lacked to offer and the reason why I think the Switch is going to be a great success is that, while the 3DS continued what the DS started, the Switch is something unique and revolutionary. Thus, I wouldn't be surprised if we the Switch surpasses the 3DS on sales or gets closer to that goal at least (in a less optimistic scenario). It has the potential to be a hit (like, you know, that thing called Wii).

What are your thoughts about all of this? 🙂

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