Switch Sports? And it’s effect of luring the casual audience.

Would anyone had been interested in a Switch Sports game similar to the Wii Sports franchise? The HD rumble could have been an interesting improvement and might have enticed some of the casual crowd. However I do understand avoiding it since the switch wants to distance itself from the Wii. Though, I also think that those casuals aren't the people who need to distance themselves from that brand. They might even have nostalgia for those kind of games. With the new switch joycon, the casual might have considered the Switch a true sequel to the Wii and updated their decade old Wii consoles. Most have never even heard of the WiiU, or thought it just an expansion and not a true successor. If done correctly, the Switch could have been a hit for those people who might still be interested in those games. I know I loved those Wii sports games and would be interested in playing a Switch Sports game. In my opinion, 12 Switch does not have the same appeal. Milking a cow is not as much a desired activity as playing tennis, golf or bowling for most people.

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