Switch VR in Nintendo Switch reveal trailer?

I watched the trailer again, and I saw at 0:09 a weird 'black thing' under the lamp next to the Tv where the guy is playing Botw on.

And at 0:17, it is in the right corner below, next to the tv. It is hard to see, but it is there.

At 0:24, the guy is walking to the Tv to undock his switch, and at that moment, if you stop the video at 0:24, he stands before the 'thing'.

And very early in 0:35 it is more clear, now the dog is closer to what I think is the Switch VR.

What do you think about this, is this the Switch VR? It would be a great discovery if this is really the Switch VR! It's actually hard to see, but it is there, no joke.

Discussion started at here by OttomaansKind

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