Switchmas #1

Hello guys,
I'm going to reveal from now till the day the Switch gets presented every day 1 cool fact or what is called here a rumor.
You may trust me or you may not trust me, I just want you guys to know that I know what kind of stuff I'm doing and you'll know why and how pretty soon.
I've leaked some information back then during the 3ds era.
My sources are decently trust able and you may decide for yourself if you think the information is real or not but I can ensure you that atleast most of the things I'll be "leaking" are true.
The first subject I'm going to talk about is about voice chat.
This subject is commonly being discussed about so I'll let you know how it will work based upon what I've seen and heard.
Basically there is a voice chat system build-in into the UI.
During playing the game you can press on the little Home Button to open up the overlay (like you see in Steam).
In this overlay you can quickly select the Voice Chat option and talk to friends you can add using usernames (friend codes are removed thank god).
That is the main build-in feature, some popular chatting apps like Skype (idk about Discord) are planning to make an "app" that will also work as an overlay to Skype with all people who don't have a Nintendo Switch device, thanks to the amount of RAM available for the operation system itself this is possible.
This is what I've heard so far about voice chat and you may believe this information or you may not but I'm sure that obe1plays will confirm this too in his videos soon.
I'll let you guys hear from me tomorrow, don't witch hunt me or PM me as I wont respond to anything.

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