[Switchpost] People are honestly still excited for this thing?

Even after the awful clock speed news from a few weeks ago, people are still seriously planning on buying yet another cheap, tawdry, gimmicky, underpowered console form this s**t-heap of a company known to NEVER learn from their mistakes? What is wrong with you people? Quit acting like a bunch of emotionally incontinent fanboys, ditch the Switch, and move to Playstation already. Stop giving Nintendo your support. And furthermore… Uh… Er…

Okay, okay, time to drop the charade. I actually am glad that this sub seems to have put all the clock speed drama behind them, at least for the time being. Let's hope we get lots of good news on January to put those fears to rest for good.

By the way, I apologize for my behavior from a week ago. It was all just an act to prove a point I was trying (and failing) to make: folks were taking those spec rumors much too hard, and the stuff I was saying wasn't too far off from what some of you guys were spouting to each other!

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