Target Pre-Order Question about holding funds

I pre-ordered from Target on the 13th of January for the Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Con. The policy for pre-orders at Target is "When you place your order with us, we secure your form of payment by applying an authorization hold for the full amount of your approved order. Upon shipment of your order, the authorization is electronically removed and your form of payment will be charged for the amount of the shipment." I have never pre-ordered a console before and was wondering with these "held" funds are they unusable? Meaning if my bank account goes below the amount being held ($330 including same day shipping) will I lose my pre-order or worse will my account go negative because there is a hold for $330. I realize this may be a newb question but I really don't want to have to cancel my order but I have to eat lol. I mean it seems nuts for them to basically hold the full price of the item for more than a month in advance when most places only require a small down payment. Thanks in advance for the pre-switch love.

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