Thank you Nintendo for giving me hope that I will be able to enjoy gaming again.

I will preface by saying I love gaming. I've owned most every console there has been at one point or another, but the path gaming is taking is a sad one to watch and Nintendo has breathed a life into it that makes me hopeful and excited. It feels like to me, games aren't about a good story with strong characters with entertaining gameplay anymore, it feels like they're more about how good it looks, how you can make players need to comeback and keep playing, and how you can a quick buck off of gamers. I've been burned pretty bad as of late whether it be my No Man's Sky pre-order, buying The Division, being forced to buy Destiny DLC's to have a decent game, or seeing great franchises like Halo step away from local co-op and into the purchasable content packs its been a rough year to me. I'm ready for something that my friends and I can sit down and play together or a game that I can immerse myself in and enjoy it. I've heard a lot of negatives about the switch from my fellow PS4 and XB1 gamers but I'm sick of people who are screaming about the switch being unable to compete with the current gen consoles. I've been playing the current gen consoles and frankly, I wouldn't want that experience from the switch. Sitting down just to grind and not even enjoy it? That's what modern gaming has become. Seeing the most recent BOTW trailer gave me chills, something that hasn't happened in a long time. For once I didn't care that it wasn't the "4k at 60 FPS" that everyone seems so obsessed about these days. It looks beautiful but more importantly it looks fun. I can see myself getting lost in a forest for hours exploring and scavenging and honing my combat skills. I'm so excited for this game that I took the money I've been saving for the scorpio and pre-ordered the switch and BOTW. I'm ready to enjoy my games again. I'd say I'm ready for Nintendo to start a revolution for gamers to enjoy games again but frankly, that what they've always been about.

Sorry for the rant just wanted to say what I've been thinking and see if anyone else has similar or maybe different thoughts and opinions.

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