The Biggest threat to the Nintendo Switch is not the Hardware [OPINION]

I got on the ole' reddit today to find people up in arms about a bunch of technical things that me and probably a bunch of others reading them don't understand. We wade through the various comments to see "informed" people argue as to why such """leaked rumours""" are wrong and the Switch will be great, or why they are probably right and the Switch will die. Here's the thing, despite the console seemingly being leaked as a weaker Nvidia Shield (whatever that means), I feel that isn't the biggest threat to the Switch's success. I owned a Nintendo Wii and a Nintendo Wii U, as well as owning up to the DSi in terms of the mobile Nintendo family. The thing that frustrated me about the Wii U, even when playing games such as Black Ops 2, Assassin's Creed, and other AAA games not really meant for the Wii U wasn't really the Wii U at all, nor was it the power of the system. I couldn't put my finger on it until Super Smash Brothers for Wii U and 3DS was released and then I feel like I figured it out.

The biggest threat to the Switch, it's Nintendo.

Hear me out, this isn't some fanboyish epic tale trying to shine Nintendo in some highlight, nor is it some shitpost tale about some magical quest I went on in my head, it's the truth. Now, I purposely isolated that statement so it would grab your attention. Afterall, how could Nintendo hurt itself? I can already imagine the bunch of you thinking I'm talking about power, battery life, or various things to do with the Wii U's internals and such, but as I've said, that's not the case. The real issue is something I think WILL hurt the switch; the 3DS.

The 3DS is what killed the Wii U.

When I bought my Wii U, I expected something like the Gamecube or Wii, with a plethora of titles to play with myself or friends. I had several wii games, and many could be played online with friends (Mario Strikers, CoD, Smash, Mario Kart, etc.).

The Wii U died to ME because of a lack of games BECAUSE of the 3DS.

I didn't feel angry at lower quality games I felt angry at: – Console games being ported to 3DS with more content and free DLC. – Games like Smash being split into two versions (which I feel ruined the game a lot) – Incredibly poor online services on Wii U, which felt a lot better on 3DS performance wise (i.e. lag, connection, etc.) – The 3DS getting a plethora of new games, while the Wii U got nothing.

Many of you may disagree and I acknowledge that, but it felt unfair to me that I felt as though Nintendo was trying to shove the 3DS down my throat, and that same feeling is coming my way again. I want the Switch to succeed because if it doesn't it will be another Wii U, where it will be a bunch of games sent to the 3DS downsized from great potential, simply because Nintendo is scared. The Wii U has plenty of games, but a great amount are not quality. Instead, it's simply a bunch of remasters and online games (like Splatoon) that are seemingly oversimplified and don't have great online.

You're welcome to disagree and everything else, but in the end, I feel as though the Wii U would have been more infamous had Nintendo put games on it, and NOT ported those games to the 3DS with bonus content, almost like a spit in the face to Wii U owners, and a seemingly huge money-grab.

All in all, I do not hate the 3DS, I simply feel that if the Switch and 3DS coexist, the Switch has less of a chance of being the most optimal console that it can.

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