The Dichotomy of the Hardware Discussion to a Non-Techy

Gather round all of us who never took an interest in the field of computer science!

Come forth all you who have literal gigabytes in your blood!

I think it's safe to say that from a non-techy perspective, none of this makes any f*****g sense. And no, before you stop here and say, "We have these threads already!!" I'm not talking about not getting the science of it.

You could write paragraph upon paragraph about it and it would be unlikely to mean a lot to me because I have little interest in technicals.

So what is this topic? It's this confusing ass fact:

Side 1: This thing is underpowered as f**k and barely better than a WiiU?!

Side 2: Docked you're looking at near XboxOne levels.

I've seen intelligent posts from both sides of the argument…so the confusing part is…you're both looking at the same numbers?! How the hell can you be so far apart while looking at the same numbers?!

I even saw a post that said by mega hertz this thing is benchmarked near the Gamecube…what? Huh? And then another that said it was 40 Mhz behind the PS4…the Gamecube and PS4 can't possibly be that close?!

So…someone explain to me how two groups of people clearly more knowledgeable than me on this can look at the same numbers and have such a different tale to tale.

Discussion started at here by LoTroll0403

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