The difference between the Switch and the Wii U

The Switch has valid problems, yes, but everybody still wants one. They might not be able to afford it right now, but lets be real. People are WAY more excited about the Switch than they were for the Wii U. I can't imagine anybody would be bummed out to get a Switch for their birthday or for Christmas.

With the Wii U it was kinda like… why do I want this thing? It wasn't until Mario Kart 8 came out that it was even on many people's radar, and that was a YEAR after launch. Simply put, not many people wanted a Wii U, especially at launch. All it had was a 2D Mario rehash.

I remember clearly at launch: NOBODY outside of hardcore Nintendo fans really knew what the Wii U was. Nobody is confused about the Switch, and now you have people like Casey Neistat making videos about it, praising it, basically advertising it for free to his millions of viewers. The Wii U had nothing like that.

The Wii U sold 890,000 units in it's first six weeks. I guarantee you Nintendo will sell at least 2 million Switches in that same time frame. Hell, they might sell that many in the first week. We might be looking at 3 million by the time the Switch is 6 weeks old. By then Mario Kart and ARMS should be out.

Idk guys, I think Switch has potential to be a sales BEAST.

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