The lack of FPS on Switch

I love playing FPS. I also love all sorts of games : RPG, plateformers, Racing… But when I want to play 30 minutes, I love to launch an FPS and get some frags in PVP matches or PVE missions.

Destiny, Titanfall, DOOM, Rage, Overwatch… There are plenty of FPS available on other consoles and that's great but I would love to play FPS on the go!

I'm not sure bringing AAA IPs such as COD or Battlefield would be a nice move because the target audience already own an Xbox One or a PS4 but I can see a nice future for a solo oriented FPS on the Switch.

What do you think ? Should Nintendo release a new IP with an FPS gameplay for the Switch ? Should third parties bring their existing IPs ? Do you want to play an FPS during your commute or at your work break ?

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