The successor of the 3DS is not going to be the Switch but the Switch M…

Kimishima said that they are considering a successor of the 3DS… So they don't see the Switch inheriting this role.

We could see this as a mistake of Nintendo, making another console that is going to compete with your own. But I think the solution is pretty obvious. Making a mini version of the Nintendo Switch, the Switch Mini (or whatever they want to call it, Switch M is cool 😉 .

This version had to be smaller, cheaper, DS style, and compatible with all Switch games. They could sell it without the joycons and the dock to make it affordable (80$ and 90$ respectively right now) and you could buy them separately or use others (if you already have the Switch or someone in your house does). The buttons would have to be in the console obviously, and it had to include gyro, hd rumble, etc… to be fully compatible.

And the cool part would be that if you want to use the joycons or the dock you'd only had to add a plastic frame to the equation. This plastic frame would sorround the Switch Mini to fit the joycons and the dock. And since is only a plastic frame should be cheap…

I think this would be a pretty cool gadget for people that want a more portatil console than the Switch, and this way Nintendo wouldn't compete with itself or divide its market again. What do you think?

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