The Switch could be revolutionary for game design

One of the common critiques of games since the 7th gen is that they have become stale and/or repetitive.

At the same time, it's also the only gen in which Nintendo has not leveraged a major increase in technical performance for their major franchises.

The Wii relied on Motion Controls, which, while great, were rarely used for gameplay advancement for hardcore titles. It was more like Rumble carrying a console with few other new technical features.

The Wii U had a lot more power under its hood, but Nintendo chose to use it more for multiplayer and refined mechanics than for boundary pushing gameplay.

Fast forward to today, we are finally getting a Zelda built from ground up for an HD console, and an open Mario game. Nintendo has also hinted that they are making a new Metroid, which would also be able to leverage the specs.

To add to that, the touchscreen and motion features are also there to leverage.

In willing to use to many new tools, Nintendo could leave a lasting impact on game design with their new system.

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