“the switch has gone through multiple dev kit iterations. There was one floating around in July a LOT of info on specs has been based on. Another went out to bigger devs in October… The Oct kit is more powerful overall than the July dev kit.” – LKD

This quote is from Laura Kate Dale and her AMA today.

According to Eurogamer, it is rumored that the July devkits were using a Jetson TX1 dev kit. One of their sources claimed that the devkit was running with audible fan noise, which means it was running at higher clocks. Now LKD is saying the October devkits are more powerful than the July devkits. This is despite the downclock rumors from Eurogamer. This can mean 2 things:

  1. The July devkits based on the X1 were downclocked even further than the Eurogamer reports. Then Nvidia clocked them higher in the final devkits from October to match the clock speeds rumored by Eurogamer. But then a fan wouldn't be necessary for active cooling so this seems like an unlikely scenario and doesn't make much sense to me. Maybe you guys could come up with a reason to do this.

  2. The customization Nintendo has done with the X1 has made it more powerful. One such customization could be to add more CUDA cores. Another could be to use 16nm finfet. Whatever they have done, it has made the devkit more powerful than the stock X1 devkit despite the lower clocks. The lower clocks in this case would make more sense as to save battery life. More cores clocked lower leads to more efficiency and better battery life than less cores clocked higher.

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