The Switch Is Costing Me Money.

Let me explain. I drive around and do odd jobs for a living, often with a lot of overtime. However work is very boring. Half of it is sitting inside my car browsing the web on my phone. (Doubtless this post was made in said scenario) Hell, I can just sit in my car and watch a movie while still on the clock. I have done this for a while now and am sick of watching shows/ movies and would rather just go home.

If the switch was out, I would work essentially all day. When I get home I usually play video games anyhow. The temptation of being payed to play videogames is just too strong.

I had a Vita and a 3ds but they just didn't do it for me. On the vita, l could only get into persona 4 and played it 3x over. With the 3ds the graphics of most games were just not acceptable so I eventually gave it away.

What I need is a strong portable gaming system with a good flow of software. This all points to the switch. Nintendo putting all their output on 1 device will be amazing To behold. Both the low and high end rumors of the graphics are acceptable to me.

To be honest it feels like I have more free time at work than at home. If I owned the switch not only would I enjoy staying late at work, but I would actually have the time to enjoy gaming besides the weekend. Both my quality of life and bank account would improve. I eagerly await for the switch. The sooner it comes out, the better.

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