The Switch is the beginning of a new era.

This is it, I can see it clearly now and I'm sure this is the future of gaming, looking at all the IRL multiplayer possibilties, the mobile experience, the comfort of a home console and how the tegra chip is meant to evolve and the probability that we will get a SCD, what seems to be now a somewhat underpowered device on it's docked mode could turn in the near future into a very capable home console plus already being an overpowered mobile device.

Even if they drop the SCD idea, which I wish they won't, the Switch 2.0 could come sonner than we expect.

With their long term supposed relationship with Nvidia I'm sure they don't mean the Switch to be a one shot idea, it's a concept and it appears that they really thought it through and as they said in the presentation, it is the fruit of all the innovations Nintendo brought to the market, the sum of all their previous consoles/handhelds and I wish they keep going that way because it feels right even though everything might be not perfect as of know, the pillars are clearly here and the potential is huge.

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