The Switch is the perfect console for Dads like me.

What can I really say? I love my son and I love gaming, but times have undoubtedly changed as he and I both grow older. I don't have the time to thrust myself into a 150 hr adventure like I used to, nevermind most of the games I used to play wouldn't be appropriate for my little guy. That being the case, the Switch just works for my lifestyle. I work until 5AM, play a game for an hr, sleep, and wake up ready to go back in. The weekends revolve around my little dude, but hey, what better way to keep us both happy than a gaming session between two pals? I'm so excited let him explore freeform in Zelda. Jump around in Mario. Go head to head in games like Arms. Heck, 1 2 Switch would be a blast!

Cheers to all the Nin-dads out there, let's relive what our dads did for us in the NES days. I sure cherish the memories.

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