The Switch looks uncomfortable to hold

One thing I haven't seen people address is how comfortable the Switch will be to use.

Frankly, I don't think it looks like it will be. The buttons and joysticks are directly above one another. Your thumbs move naturally diagonally, not vertically. Vertical button placements cause you to have to stretch, whereas diagonal placement like on the Wii U pad or GC controller, for example, are very comfortable to use.

Further, there is no traditional D-pad, in order to make the joycons have the same layout when used separately for multiplayer. I think this is a bad move as this will probably be the least likely way they are used, but will make traditional d-pad use harder as the buttons are further apart than a one-piece d-pad, and also not connected, making things like diagonal movement in side-scrolling games harder.

Bonus: Anyone else think that the joycon-based controller that you use when it is docked looks super ugly?

Discussion started at here by gizmo2501

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