The Switch will market itself better than any gaming device ever has.

Think about it. The fact that this thing is portable means more people will see it. The more people that see it, the more people will get it. And the cycle goes on. Sure this definitely isn't the first portable gaming console, but it is the first portable gaming console that lets you play with others that don't own one. The Wii did so well because Wii Sports offered fantastic, easy pick up and play entertainment for people of all ages. The ability to take the Switch to other people that don't have one so easily and engage them in the device, I believe will cause this thing to be a massive success. Things can always go wrong and I'm not saying that it is a fact that it will, but I certainly have no doubt. Often times non gamers see video games as a waste of time, and as something that isolates a person from having real human interaction. The Wii broke that mindset for what it was and I think the Switch will do the same.

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