There’s a lot of misconception about the importance of power

I see people constantly posting threads like "Do we really care about the power of the switch?", "Why it doesn't matter".

Here's the thing, it's not that most people are being greedy about the power of the device. No, Most people are afraid if it isn't up to par, the console will suffer the same fate as the Wii U. We know there is a big list of third parties on board, we also know there were many partners to begin with for the Wii U.

Developers don't want extra constraints guys, they want headway to port their games without having to cutback on their original vision of the game. If the Switch can't keep pace with the competition, it leaves many people concerned because all everyone wants is just for the console to thrive and become a success, which in turn drives sales and support and a big factor of this is by having capable hardware to appease developers which in turn appeases customers and we can all just get hyped together.

Most people in this sub are dedicated Nintendo fans, so when you say things like "Do we really care about the power of the switch?", You might not, but You aren't going to be the driving force and the underlying factor in whether the Switch thrives, you are a minority. So if you want this thing to be a success, I just think you should understand that the importance of capable hardware goes beyond whether it satisfies your own personal expectations, we live in a world where specs are mattering more than they ever have done to the average consumer and it will play a big role in shifting units.

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