There’s at least 15 Games In 1, 2 Switch [Analysis]

I took a little time to analyze the 1, 2 Switch trailer

  1. Quick Draw.
  2. Looks like sword fighting but different from Samurai Training.
  3. People wearing wizard hats and capes looking like they are using wands to cast spells.
  4. Two people playing an air guitar.
  5. Two clowns trying to honk each others' noses or take each others' Joy-Con. WTF?
  6. I can't tell what this is but two people are being still and on the screen, there is a flag blowing in the wind on what looks like a beach.
  7. This looks like Copy Dance but could be different.
  8. Sailors of some kind. Might have to salute or something.
  9. Looks like models striking a pose. Maybe you hear cameras going off and you have to strike as many poses as quickly as possible.
  10. Quick Draw again for just a second.
  11. Copy Dance for sure.
  12. This one looks kind of like yoga or something. Not sure.
  13. Milk.
  14. Sword fighting again. They have Roman-looking capes on.
  15. Wizards in capes again.
  16. Two people sitting in the office quickly picking up the Joy-Cons and putting them to their face like it's a phone ringing and the screen saying "RING!!!".
  17. Two pirates with their legs propped up, Captain Morgan style.
  18. Someone holding their ears (as if afraid of an explosion) and someone shaking a Joy-Con almost like a bottle of champagne.
  19. Someone trying to precisely cut food or something. Hard to tell.
  20. Face shaving.
  21. I have literately no idea. The Joy-Cons aren't even in their hands here. Reminds me of a psychiatrist.
  22. The Switch with 2 Joy-Cons is laying down in a baby crib and someone is running up to it. Uh, go figure!
  23. A big vault, two people carefully leaning down to get a good look at it. They totally look like they are about to crack a vault.
  24. Samurai Training.
  25. Some sort of boxing.
  26. Eating Contest.
  27. Table Tennis.
  28. Looks like someone working out. Not sure.
  29. This looks a lot like a baseball game.
  30. Quick Draw again.

So to count the games that I've seen in the trailer:

  1. Quick Draw
  2. Roman sword fighting
  3. Wizard fighting
  4. Air guitar
  5. Clowning around
  6. A yoga game of some kind
  7. Possibly volleyball
  8. Sailors
  9. Models
  10. Copy Dance
  11. Milk
  12. Business office ringing phone thing
  13. Pirates posing
  14. Champagne opening
  15. Food cutting
  16. Face shaving
  17. Some kind of number guessing or psychiatrist game idk
  18. A baby minigame
  19. Cracking a vault
  20. Samurai Training
  21. Boxing
  22. Eating Contest
  23. Table Tennis
  24. Baseball

This doesn't include the marble counting minigame that was available at the events.

There were 6 minigames available at the events.

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