Third party and Switch

I see many people here demanding Switch to be at least on par with PS4 and Xbone so Switch can get Western AAA multiplatform games.

But let me ask you all — is Western AAA multiplatform third party games is mandatory or even necessary for Switch's survival?

The main argument Switch need Western third party to not repeating Wii U game drought situation. This is not a fair comparison, since Switch library will be the game library of Wii U + 3DS, not limited to only Wii U. Game library of Wii U + 3DS is rather large, large enough for Switch to sell itself.

Even if Switch do get third party games, will it sell? Based on recent rumor, Switch is most likely a weak console, although some other rumor mentioned how Switch get full Unreal Engine support. Anyway, if Switch does get third party, who on earth will buy these games? Keep in mind owner of PS4/Xbone/PC most likely will buy the games on their premium platform and not picking the lesser fidelity games on Switch. Just like Wii U, third party games on like COD, FIFA, Mass Effect 3 just don't sell.

The only group I can see third party is selling is hardcore Nintendo fans who own only Nintendo product, or people who want the portability aspect of Switch. Which is most likely insignificant in amount and will not help much in selling third party games.

I think Nintendo should focusing more effort and resources in bringing exclusives into their Switch instead of securing third party. Exclusives brings bigger reason to own Switch instead of multiplatform games.

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