This game would be perfect for the Switch.

The game is called SpiritSphere.

It's a 4 player pong style coop game inspired by (and here's the best part) the early Zelda games.

The dev recently expressed on Twitter that he would like to bring this game to the Switch, so let me explain to you why I really NEED this game on the Nintendo Switch.

1) Local play – I've been following the game on steam for a while now and have been dreading not being able to play with anyone, the PC is terrible for local play after all. It's a quick pick up and play game which would definitely benefit from the Tabletop mode aspect of the switch.

2) It's inspired by The Legend of Zelda – JUST LOOK AT THE ART, LISTEN TO THE MUSIC. It's Zelda all around; hell, the main character is called 'Lin'. It just screams Link's Awakening to me.

3) It's inexpensive – Yup I said it, the games on Switch cost quite a bit, even among the indies this game comes on the lower end. This is only a positive, as the more opportunities we have for games on the Switch the better, and an inexpensive game is a great opportunity.

4) Easy to learn, hard to master, lots of customization – Yup

I've been loving this game and I hope you will too – trailer here

I hope this game comes to the Switch, I would certainly buy it a again just for that 😀

[P.S: Thanks mods for your hard work, you guys are amazing!]

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