This journey has given us so many abbreviations…

Ever since the dawn of the NX, we've had so many different little abbreviations. Here's some examples:

TFLOP: A measurement of graphical measurement that means absolutely everything when it comes down to game quality. If the Switch can't hit 2 TFLOPs and sell for $250, then it'll "flop."

NDA: When a company is under one of these, it means that there's a Nintendo Ninja in their building that will threaten to kill everyone if the company leaks any classified information about the Switch.

SKU: An option for buying consoles. For example, New 3DS and 2DS.

NX: Nintendo X, Nintendo Cross, Nintendo "Xtreme," etc.

NS: Nintendo Switch for people who have heard "NX" for the longest time and can't get it out of their head.

BoTW: The Switch's 1st party launch game… oh wait.

SMD: The most unreliable source in the entire world.

LKD: Laura Kate Dale, the new Emily Rogers. Everything she says is confirmed.

Can you think of anything else?

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