Thoughts on gaming fidelity and the Future

With 4K TVs still gaining traction and the technology itself still being very much in it's infancy, how do you think consoles are going to react to the slowing down of fidelity upgrades? The PS5, god knows when it's going to come out, I would think would have a good chance of running native 4k at a [decent] framerate. Then again, maybe it won't actually be until the PS6 that we see 4k be a standard. I don't really play the XBox, so I can't weigh in on their arena too much.

I feel like maybe (and I could be totally wrong) we're really pushing the brink here. Red Dead Redemption 2 looks just like real life to me. There could be a little bit more of an upgrade, but I'm starting to fail to see where we can push the limits of graphics in the same leaps and bounds before.

And that's why I like the Nintendo Switch. The design is so perfect that I'm surprised that noones came up with it as sleekely as Nintendo. Yes, it may have its issues now; but I feel like within a generation or two all of those could be solved. Life-like graphics. Better incorporated and cheaper motion controls. Huge worlds at home or on the go. Heck, we could even see 5G start to roll around, so maybe 4G receivers could be cheap enough to get them built in. Given a good enough display, we could even see the succesors of the Switch really delve into the world of VR; and with even better HD Rumble AND improved motion controls, that I think could be really cool.

What do ya'll think though? Do you think all thats too much of a pipe dream, or do you maybe disagree with the amount of improvement we can get strictly in terms of graphical fidelity? Excited to hear your thoughts

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