TIME ATTACK REVIEW – Nintendo Switch trailer Review in 2 minutes or less

TIME ATTACK REVIEWS THE NINTENDO SWITCH TRAILER READY… GO! Holy Latinas riding big cocks, the NX is finallyhere, and its official name is “Nintendo Switch”, as revealed in the trailer thathit almost 20 million views in less than a week.

Right off the bat, I was SO happy that theSwitch controller didn’t end up looking like THIS.

There had been one too many a rumors thatsaid that this little controller was going to have the same functionality as the Switchcontroller, but… Jesus, no.

The concept is also pretty neat; I mean, aconsole/portable hybrid that has the graphical capabilities of the former and the on-the-gofunctionality of the latter? Count me the f**k in! Also, the tentative initial games roster looksinteresting; Breath of the Wild is in there, apparently new versions or sequels for MarioKart and Splatoon are a possibility, Project Sonic 2017 will be there, and while it “hasn’tbeen confirmed yet”, Skyrim may probably be in there too, and that’s really interesting,because it confirms that Bethesda will develop games for the Switch.

Speaking of third parties, just look at this! Even if it’s just preliminary, it lookslike the Switch will have a lot of friends, especially if we consider Epic Games, EA Games,Bethesda and From Software, four big names that didn’t really work on the Wii U before.

Last but not least, are these two girls playingwith each half of the Switch controller? WHAT?! Seriously, are you telling me that this isa multiplayer experience with just one controller?? That’s just so awesome!! That’s the GOOD WORLD.

The BAD WORLD… I have just one question: How long will the battery last? I’m serious, I mean… Most mobile devices of today (Including Nintendo’sown 3DS) don’t seem to have that long of a battery life, and even if this is meantto be a home console, the portable functionality is a big part of the marketing campaign, whichmakes me wonder just how much a device that will be able to run both Unreal Engine 4 andUnity will be able to take before it’s killed in action.

All in all, this is just the reveal trailer,but if Nintendo can put their money where their mouth is, then we may indeed be lookingat the beginnings of a revolution for the gaming industry.

I don’t know about you, but if I were you,I’d EXPLORE THIS PLANET.

Once it comes out, duh.

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