Tip for Canadians still looking to pre order.

So I work for every Canadian's favourite small-box electronics retailer, The Source. For some reason, everyone seems to forget we exist when it comes to video games, and I suggest you use that to your advantage. The first wave of pre-orders started up a week and a half ago, and it was a super quiet release (only people signed up for our email notifications were told, no social media, ads, or even information on our website or flyer) and because of that they were available for a long while (3 ish hours) after pre orders went live. No promises, but I'd recommend checking our site regularly (or getting emails, even though email notifications can be a pain in the ass) if you're super desperate to get a console. Also, if you're looking for somewhere to go on March 3rd I would highly recommend a source store. Ive worked at one of the busiest locations in the country for a few years and I've never seen any line ups for consoles on a launch day (and we've always had them in the past). I guess it's worth clarifying that none of this is based off of insider information about item availability. I have no clue if the source will actually have units in stock day one, or that they'll be doing another round of pre orders (inventory management for something like this must be a nightmare for 500+ stores). But if you're desperate, it might be worth the gamble.

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