Todays “youth” or rather young adult.

I asked my 14 yo cousin the other day if he knew about Nintendo. Shockingly, yet rather unsurprisingly, he didn't. Mario, he had heard off. Pokémon, he knows, but never played a core game. Zelda? No idea. I feel a little heartbroken about this since my whole childhood memories basically involve Nintendo properties in some way. He only recently got into gaming, starting with minecraft about 2 years ago and now Overwatch since its release. In General, i would say less of the 8 to 15 yos today know of Nintendo and their great games, then 10 years ago. Nintendo has recognized this as well and reacts to it by targeting an older audience with their ads for the switch campaigns. My cousin will be getting a switch for his birthday, and I love it as much as I did my first game boy. I'm really hoping for a second or third Nintendo renaissance, as im sure you guys do too.

Just wanted to share my thoughts. Have a Nice day, everyone. 29 days to go!

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