UK Switch Games Pricing?

In the UK AAA games at launch are about £40-50, which is roughly $50-$60 (after brexit conversion rate yayyyyyyy), but Switch games are being priced differently it seems. BOTW is listed as £60 for Switch (£40 for Wii U), as is Splatoon 2, Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade 2. Arms and MK8 Deluxe are listed as £50. While most of those at £60 are games with placeholder pages, the fact that BOTW is also there makes me curious as to if it'll remain. The high pricing of accessories, though that isn't unique to the UK, isn't helping. That being said, FIFA and Skyrim are listed at £199 so I'm probably just being a bit preemptive in these assumptions.

Well, I hope Arms and Mario Kart prove to be the norm, anyone else got some thoughts on it?

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