Up and down, up and down.

First a leak says switch is above xbone in power, then a new one says its less, then a new one comes out saying its above, the another comes saying its less. Ever since the switch was announced as the NX leaks and rumours have consistently gone back and forth between saying its above xbone and below it. Seriously thats all that they have done, so at some point we are going to get another rumour/leak that suddenly puts it above xbone again, why? Because nobody has a clue whats going on with the switch. And even when specs become known, either by nintendo/nvidia revealing them, or by modder breaking one down to see what its made of people are still going to argue over it, because there is always one camp of people who will give one explenation, how its the worst specs ever because they beleive nintendo only ever does that, regardless of whether they have or not ( there is people who still believe a gamecube is weaker than a ps2), and there will always be a camp of people who will say they are the best specs ever, regardless of whether they are or not. Eveyone get so worked up over it, and both sides are the worst cus their the reason we end up with crap like the order 1886, and stagnation of games because all devs are just catering to these idiot by making the same game just better looking rather than making games better or actually different.

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