USB-C and Nintendo Switch

So the USB-C specs ARE confirmed. USB-C is the term I keep hearing about the Switch's charging port. Therefore, here is a link where a Google employee, Benson Leung, tested and reviewed each and almost every USB-C cable on Amazon. I understand quite a lot of us is going to drop big bucks on the Nintendo Switch so we should definitely pick up high quality cables instead of ones that might kill our Switch.

This is the cable I bought, tested and reviewed by Benson.

Performs great and is long, braided and reasonably priced. I use it for my One plus Two phone.

This third link brings us to his review history of all the products he tried and tested.

EDIT: WARNING. I read some more of Benson's 1 or 2 star reviews and some USB-C cables aren't able to withstand regular/rapid charges. Some cables actually damaged the product it was connected to. I suggest you guys read up on cables instead of purchasing any old cable.

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