Usb-C and the many ways I hope to charge my Switch.

Here's My Take. ive used many different chargers for my cell phone. gas station, lost and found, a friend's, generic, cheap, wall chargers, chargers that go in a power brick, a whole slew of car chargers, mobile power banks, and even a solar charger. now either ive been super lucky, or there really isn't THAT much of a difference in the usb-c technology other than some are meant more for transferring data. BUT, i believe all will charge. my phone has never exploded, burned, overheated, shorted out, or sparked on any of those occasions and this is $650 tech compared to the Switch's $300. usb-c is usb-c is usb-c imo. one may charge faster, one may charge slower. if you've ever had a device die due to the cable you used. what caused it. id like to hear your story??

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