Using all the available information how should have Nintendo communicated the Switch? Let me take a crack at it.

The rules: you cannot change the price of anything, or add additional announcements or gameplay out side of what we have seen through the events and recent official tweets and the like.

First off, the presentation should not have been on a stage. Each region should have hosted its own direct so that each branch would be able to communicate better to its own consumers. So assuming that in the US we got a direct form NoA, I think it should have gone like this:

  1. Open with the Zelda Trailer, but instead of ending with just the date it should have said, "Nintendo Switch and Breath of the Wild out March 3, 2017. (This sets the tone, Nintendo is serious.) Reggie walks on camera and says, "This is Nintendo. We make the best games on earth, and the best devices to play then on. You saw it right, the Nintendo Switch is launching globally on March 3, 2017." He then details price and mentions the all new Online paid online service, but he doesn't say too much and promises that it is full of surprises and that gamers should look forward to more information.

  2. Reggie then says, "let me reintroduce you to the Switch." That video that goes over the basics of the three modes of play plays. And transitions to Koiozumi in his white magic land, with polished prerecorded translation. He does his Joycon introduction thing, but goes to Arms first. He explains it's depth, shows off the motion, but also says that players can choose between traditional controls.

  3. Koiozumi then begins to discuss passing the Joy, saying that the Switch not only has the best of in depth strategic games with many ways to play, but has the best games to be shared for quick local multiplayer. What starts is a sequence of games and trailers that highlight local play with two joycon starting with 1 2 Switch, then Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Scissorclips, Ultra Streetfighter 2, and bomberman. He concludes that all of these games are either launch titles or launch window and that players should look forward to sharing the joy.

  4. To emphasize the point, Bill takes the screen and does an unboxing to show you what comes out of the box, highlighting the joyCon and that all of the previously shown games in the last segment are two player ready out of the box.

  5. Reggie takes over again and talks about the diversity of games on Switch and rapid punch goes through the JRPG segment highlighting Xenogears 2 and Fire Emblem Warriors stating that there will be a Fire Emblem direct in a week's time.

  6. Next he highlights sports games with the announcement that both EA FIFA, and 2K NBA are coming to the Switch within the next year.

  7. He then transitions to Todd the Skyrim guy for the same segment as in the show which leads into the sizzle real featuring the other third party games. He concludes this segment with the 80 games announcement.

  8. At this point Reggie talks about Virtual Console and Wii U legacy, stating that announcement are coming directly to you about these features before launch.

  9. At this point Koiozumi and Miyamoto appear back in their magic land to introduce first Splatoon 2 for summer Super Mario Odyssey for Holiday. The Mario trailer being the last thing you see of the presentation.

Wooo. Long post

TLDR: Nintendo could have done this better.

What do you guys think? I will clean up the spelling in a bit when I am not on mobile.

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