Velcro + Battery Bank = Extended Play! (Details and Links) :D

*Until a battery case hits the market

The goal is to extend portable play sessions to about 8 hours, or more, while running power hungry titles like BotW, without adding too much weight, breaking the bank, or having to run a cord out to a power source.

I have a simple solution: When the Switch comes, I'll measure it out and order a battery bank that fits comfortably on the back, as well as a low profile right angle USB-C cable, and some 3M Dual Locking Velcro. Then I'll clean the surfaces with rubbing alcohol, and then measure/cut the Velcro strips(x2) and apply them (probably vertically) to both the switch and the battery bank. Then I'll make sure there's still enough clearance to dock the unit. Once that's done, I'll shorten the USB cable enough to reach the battery bank.

Here are some links: (subject to change)

Angled USB-C cable Battery Bank Dual Lock Velcro

Notes: *I have this Velcro at my local dollar store for cheaper, the link is for your discretion. *Dual Lock is sturdier than regular Velcro, so the battery won't move, or detach. *The battery bank I've linked might not be my final choice, or the best choice. *If you can't shorten the cable, you can wrap it around the battery bank until it fits. *You can configure this however you like, or do what I'm doing. *The Velcro can be applied to a case, to preserve the aesthetic of your Switch. 😉

What's icing on the cake is, when you pull the battery bank off and dock your Switch, you can charge it with one of the USB ports on the dock! 😀

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