Voice app + in game sound

So I know this will get hated on because anything negative nowadays gets hated on in this thread. Almost like people aren't allowed to critic the Nintendo switch.

Anyway, has anyone got a concrete answer on how voice chat and in game sound will work?

Many people just say, "use the tv sound", or even "haven't you got a surround sound system"

What if I don't? What if I want to play sound through my headset AND talk in game just like on any other home console.

What if I want to play in bed, at night and not have the sound blasting out the speakers?

Does this app mean I will require one headset for voice chat and a separate one for sound?

Can't imagine the app playing in game sound. I'm guessing it would be tinny sounding otherwise.

And to those that say "who does that anyway?", lots of people do. Lots of people play online games with the sound + voice chat coming through the same sound output. Did it all the time in FPS games or GTA online etc.

Hopefully there is an answer on this.

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