Walmart Pre-order Troubles

Towards the end of January I was calling around everywhere trying to find where I could pre-order a switch because I HAVE to have it at launch. Walmart told me they had pre-orders open in store at the layaway counter so I immediately went there and put my money down. I recently finished paying it off and I read that they were supposed to leave $0.01 on the balance so it won't mark it as "picked up" since its layaway. Well, this person did not but proceeded to tell me they have plenty of records and that it would be fine. Today during lunch I called to make sure they had my pre-order locked in and 10 minutes later a man came onto the phone and told me he would "communicate with the electronics and ensure I would get one on launch day." This is kind of unsettling due to the fact that I have spent ~$400 (I also pre ordered zelda online at Walmart) to get it on launch and they aren't entirely sure I will get one. I'm planning on calling a few days before to see if they will have them at midnight on launch day for pickup and if so you bet I'll be the first one there with my receipt and everything.

Sorry for the story, I don't really post on here and I wanted to let you guys know whats going on because I'm pretty upset about this. Is there anything else I can do to make sure I get it? All responses are appreciated!

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