Was trying to find when nintendos fiscal year ends and found the fiscal report.

How will you link Nintendo Switch with smart devices? Reading the announcement that it will use NVIDIAʼs Tegra, my imagination ran wild, but is your strategy for consumers to become interested in Nintendoʼs IP (through smart devices) and have that lead to the purchase of software (on Nintendo Switch)? Or will they be linked through My Nintendo accounts with point sharing? Would you be able to give any hints about any brand new and completely different ideas which might relate to the hardware design itself, to the extent possible today?

In my presentation*, I explained the three major objectives of our smart device business, including maximizing the number of people who have access to Nintendoʼs IP so that as many people as possible will be interested in our integrated hardware-software video game business. Once again, I cannot explain any details about Nintendo Switch today, but we have already announced that it will link with smart devices via My Nintendo,and you will be able to get a more concrete understanding as more information on Nintendo Switch is revealed in the future.


I wonder what this means, connection to smart devices? Well we know what it could mean but what does nintendo mean by it.

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