We are ~20 days from launch and yet know so little…

If this was a system that showed us the price and availability of the system at E3 with a Holiday launch a lack of information is expected and we see it sprinkled out throughout the coming months at TGS or a PSX event.

However, for the Switch we have a little over 20 days remaining and yet there is a major lack of information that really should have been answered by now.

How will the online voice chat work?

  • We hear that there is an app but is that the only way?

  • Will bluetooth headsets work? (And don't assume because BT works on the system it will support the Switch. PS4/Xbone support BT but not over headsets)

  • If BT doesn't work how will we get voice and game chat while the system is docked?

How will VC work?

  • Will there be any kind of backward compatibility?

  • Will there be a discount for previously purchased games?

  • Will there even be a VC outside indies?

What is the UI like?

Will the Nintendo Switch have trophies or achievements?

  • This has been something we have seen on recent Nintendo products so is this something that we will see coming soon to the console?

It's just a little surprising that these types of questions linger so close to launch. My worry is that there is no answer for these yet or that the answer is something that could affect sales negatively and they are biding their time. I hope I'm wrong on this but this is quite odd for a system launch.

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