We are all forgetting a very important feature of Nintendo’s paid online service.

Specifically this, right here

  • For people who are at work and can't go on Imgur or something, the statement says with newly added online play in reference to the NES/SNES games.

It seems everyone, or mostly everyone, has overlooked or completely ignored this statement.

To me, personally this gives total justification to Nintendo's reasoning of why only being able to have the free game for one month makes absolute sense.

Imagine this;

  • Month One, we get Mario, that month everyone will likely download it because it's free – (considering the premium online service will be free for users up until fall) – and there's also a new online mode that people may enjoy.

Can you imagine, online functionality, on a 25+ year old game? How f*****g cool is that ?

Imagine you and your friends replaying this game, and being able to replay with them online, even if you're not together in person anymore.

I've got friends I used to grow up with here in Australia, now they mostly live in Europe. If this gives us some way to connect through those all games, I'll be ecstatic.

  • A month is more than enough time to decide if you like the game and if you should spend your money on it.

  • If you like it, cool, the game will probably be less than 10 bucks anyway. If not, alright, also cool – let's move onto the next game; keep the ball god damn rolling!

  • Zelda. Imagine Zelda, with multiplayer functionality. For a month you get to enjoy f*****g Zelda online, and yes a month may seem short – but as I said, for those who love it, they can continue to play it if they pay – where as that month, the fact that it's only one month will make it more "limited" and a "come and gone" thing, which adds hype and adds actual value.

  • Only being able to experience these games for free for a month adds more excitement and value to them and keeps the ball rolling. Being able to download & keep the game, while I agree it would be awesome – is kind of a stupid business move, considering they are going to be adding new features to these games to make them fresh.

Only being able to have a certain game for a month, will kind of force players to download the next one.

They can keep their customers & fans interested and pleased.

Seriously, imagine they release Super Mario Bros. 3, and it's the only SNES game they have for 3 months. Wouldn't you want to keep the ball rolling ? Plus, the chance that people are going to play these SNES/NES titles over BRAND NEW SWITCH GAMES??? Not that likely!

Key points here; *The community will finally be vibrant & live again. Nintendo is taking their online seriously and they will keep us interested. Month by month adding old games with new online features.

Making them only free for *that month will make people move on and get the next one. More people playing the next title = more fun. Keep this ball ROLLING.

  • We still don't know EXACTLY what this 'newly added online play' will be, but whatever it is, it seems they're going to be putting work into some of their oldest games, just so people can experience them online and they can create some kind of community for them.

  • Just seriously picture, month by month, revisiting these old games and having new features added to them. As I said, if you like them enough, you can buy them. It makes complete sense.

  • We still don't even know how much the damn thing is going to cost, but personally I wouldn't mind paying $30 a month to be able to experience 25+ year old games in a new light.

TLDR; Nintendo's monthly NES/SNES games aren't just old games that are untouched. They will have new online features. Let's give them a chance before we rag on them for making us pay.

If they're putting time, work & money into their old games then this may actually end up better than we expect.

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