What about DS and other platforms on Virtual Console?

With most of the talk of Virtual Console being about Gamecube titles, it got me thinking about the other, less talked about platforms.

For starters, there's the issue of DS games. DS VC titles worked on Wii U due to the two-screen capabilites (ironically, one of the few times the gamepad was actually used effectively). But with that now out of the picture, do you think they'll continue releasing DS titles on the Switch VC? Or, for that matter, will they even bother porting the existing ones? I know there were setting to put both views on the TV screen, but having that as the default (and most likely only) setting kinda defeats the purpose of even having DS titles available, no? I could see it working in portable mode with a vertical view like this: But even that's a bit iffy.

Then what about non-Nintendo console games? The Wii VC had games from systems like the Genesis and TurboGrafx-16. These were entirely absent on Wii U, but could the potentially see a return on Switch?

Granted, I wouldn't be at all upset if none of these happened, as I prefer to play most of my retro games on their respective consoles. But it's something the crossed my mind.

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