What accessories are you creating or hoping will be created for the Switch?

I think Nintendo and their partners at PDP, Hori, etc have come up with a ton of really cool accessories to the switch and I'm definitely going to get a screen protector, a carrying case, joycon dock, etc.

But what accessories do you want to be created for general use, or your own personal use for the Switch, joycons, dock to enhance your experience?

I definitely want a cover for the switch, similar to the iPad magnetic covers that I can just pull off easily before docking or before playing in table mode. I know Japan has one, but it's unclear how it attaches and how easy it is to take off.

Once I get the actual switch, I'm going to 3D print a tablet shaped slab with slots for the joycons, so I can have a "Wii U" ish controller. I might even leave a slot for my phone to sit in so I can put the Nintendo App on or pull up a map or something on certain games.

I also someone to release a smaller form factor carrying case that just holds the console and then joycon holders on the side.

So, creative minds of r/nintendoswitch, what is your dream accessory for the console that hasn't been already made?

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