What are your thoughts on Splatoon 2?

I wanted to know the opinion of people on Splatoon 2 since in the comments of the trailer many people said that it was just Splatoon 1 all over again. But, since YouTube is full of haters and trolls, I wanted to ask you, fans of the Switch, your thoughts on the game.

In my opinion, the game looks really good, it has everything needed to beat the first game (with local co-op being the first one only fail for me) and with the online service now announced at a much lower price than I expected, Splatoon 2 will be the reason I'm buying the Switch so early (I'm buying it in August, I was originally only going to buy it the next year because buying consoles on its first year is not a good move, but this time Nintendo seems like it's going to hand it well).

Sorry for the long post, please give your opinions!

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