What game that has not been rumored for the Switch do you think will be on it?

Since the presentation is just right around the corner, people will be waiting to see if the rumors are true and if we will be getting Pokemon Stars/Beyond Good and Evil etc. However people don't seem to mention that when the presentation is over, the NDAs will probably end and a lot of big and small companies will be able to announce their games. So I want to know what games, big and small, people think will be announced by third parties for the Switch and why. If you're typing up a response:

*Don't say games that have been rumored for Switch by reputable sources. *Try not make any safe bets (FIFA, Assassin's Creed etc). *Limit your guesses to games that are likely to come out in 2017.

For my guess, I say that Danganronpa V3 will be on the Switch. Spike Chunsoft (the makers of Danganronpa) are one of Nintendo's partners for the Switch. The series are traditionally on a handheld and with the Vita dying they might try to move it to the next handheld, the Switch. Also, Danganronpa V3 is separate from the other games in story and themes so there won't be a problem of "Why would I want to buy a later installment of a series when the earlier games are not available on the console." One problem there might be is that Danganronpa were only on Sony platforms so far but that might not even matter.

What games do you think will be on the Switch?

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