What if we could customize our homescreens? Including positions of apps and backgrounds?

Alright, everybody is talking about how they want the Switch's homepage to look like, but what if we could customize it? Hear me out…

When you first receive the Nintendo Switch and turn it on, it will go to the default homepage that would be created by Nintendo. In the settings however, you can choose to go and edit the homepage. Which will prompt you to a menu that will allow you to drag and drop as well as remove certain elements to fit your personal needs.

Now of course, you could 'hide' system apps as well when doing this, such as warning manuals or stuff like that. Certain things however wouldn't be able to be hidden. Such as the cartridge slot program, the settings, eshop etc. and stuff like that.

Nintendo could also allow us to buy or earn backgrounds from MyNintendo just like they do on the 3DS.

This was every user is happy, and it won't be angry about how the screen ended up looking.

Discussion started at here by ThaRoastKing

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