What if we still haven’t seen nintendos next console and the switch is just a official nintendo fake trailer.

It crossed my mind that we still haven't seen the official complete finished consumer version of nintendos console. What if nintendo placed a dummy unit in the switch trailer just to hush us impatient people up! What if we still haven't seen the final design or hardware. We're analyzing the trailer trying to zoom in and find answers to things like is it touch screen, is there a stylus? Is there a camera? What if there are all of these things on switch but it was purposely left out of the trailer switch design to surprise us during the hands on reveal! What if the switch is nintendos new handheld to replace 3ds and they still reveal ANOTHER core home console that blind sides us. What if BTOW was canceled for WiiU but the optical disc listing we saw for it was actually for a new unknown system unannounced. Hmmmmmm mmmmmm…

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