What MicroSD cards have people decided on?

I was going to buy a SanDisk Extreme Plus, but then I noticed the Samsung Evo Plus has the same read speeds but less write, at a significant price saving. Write speeds are much less important so I'm going to buy a 128GB model I think.

I'm tempted by a 64GB version because I don't play on buying Switch games on the eShop as I like being able to sell games, buy used and take advantage of sales. I think 64GB will be enough for a quite a lot of indies & Gamecube virtual console games (if that really happens).

Though maybe I should indeed get the 128GB because I like having Mario Kart and Animal Crossing digitally as I jump in and out of them a lot, so not needing to load a game cart would be convenient like it was on the 3DS.

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