What would you want in a Metroid game for the Switch?

So i recently read an article titled something like "Metroid on Switch and Virtual Console" and in my mind I read "Virtual Reality" instead of "Virtual Console." And that got me thinking about the possibility of full-fledged Metroid game in VR with the gameplay similar to that the Metroid Prime series. I know this is far-fetched but imagine. Using the joy-cons as motion controllers fully utilizing the HD rumble. (Some mechanics might be difficult to establish in VR such as Samus's morph ball or the fact that she usually uses one arm for her arm cannon.) The game could also be played with a standard controller like the switch pro controller or with the joy-con grip, similar to Resident Evil 7 where you can play that game in VR or with a standard controller. Nintendo also recently said that they have been looking into ways of using VR where players can play for long periods of time, so I think this is something that's possible. I know a VR Metroid game WITH a great story and gameplay could mean for a longer development period, but I think it could be worth it. What do you think and what would you want in a Metroid game for the Switch?

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